Day Of Fire – Losing All – Flashback Review – 2010

Day Of Fire – Losing All – 2010

Flashback Review

Production: 8.0 – Losing All was recorded live and it gives the record a natural feel not found in many albums.

Songwriting: 7.5 – The band mixes it up with each song and strays from the typical verse/chorus repeat syndrome.

Musicianship: 8.5 – Riffs and grooves any rock band should hope for in the midst of one or two missed tracks.

Overall: 8.0

Losing All unfortunately happened to be the final album from the Grammy-nominated rock band Day Of Fire. However, the music world was fortunate enough to get such a stellar record. After going nearly three years as an independent band and releasing two albums on Essential Records, Day Of Fire found a home in Razor & Tie Records. However temporary of a home, the short lived partnership gave us Losing All – a record all modern rock bands should strive for.

The album kicks off with “Light ‘Em Up,” and it sounds of Stone Temple Pilots and maybe a hint of Filter. Highlights of the album are many. “When I See You,” “Lately,” “Landslide,” “We Are No One,” and “Hey You” are all rock anthems that rise above the muddied copies of copies on the radio. “Landslide” is potentially the heaviest song on the album with an infectious opening riff and an ever impressive solo from Joe Pangallo. However, it’s the final song on the album that brings enormous amounts of substance to the album. Regardless of how one feels religiously, the dark but Christian themed “The Dark Hills” is a musical, lyrical and production masterpiece. Drummer Zach Simms floor toms thunder in the background behind Josh Brown’s haunting vocals. The track explodes at the end and leaves the listener wondering, where would they have gone from there?

Losing All is a great rock album that shouldn’t be mixed in with the everyday typical rock flooding the radio-waves.

Pros: Powerful rock songs littered throughout the album with an impactful ending.

Cons: “Airplane” and “Hello Heartache” placed at the beginning of the album doesn’t give Losing All the beginning strength it deserves.

Release Date: January 26, 2010


  1. Light ‘Em Up
  2. Hello Heartache
  3. When I See You
  4. Airplane
  5. Lately
  6. Cold Addiction
  7. Landslide
  8. Never Goodbye
  9. Hey You
  10. We Are No One
  11. Long Highway
  12. Strange
  13. The Dark Hills

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