Beware Of Darkness – Orthodox Review

Beware Of Darkness – Orthodox – 2013 – Blurb Review

Overall 7.5

Bursting onto the rock scene with their popular single “Howl,” the trio Beware Of Darkness released an original debut album. To say that it is only original doesn’t fully describe how unique this effort is. After the single, the album takes many unexpected turns. Orthodox isn’t an album littered with songs trying to sound like “Howl.” Instead, there are songs that invoke nostalgia, anger, and deep sadness. “Ghost Town” can only be described as angry. While not being too heavy of a song, it’s filled with undertones of anger and bitterness in the lyrics has an overall eeriness of it. “Amen Amen” whether intentional or not causes the listener to think back on their life. It’s a song that gives the album weight and meaning. The only other single to see radio play is “All Who Remain.” The song was written by vocalist and guitarist Kyle Nicolaides about his mother. It’s a ballad that rings with the heartstrings about losing someone you loved dearly. Even though the album doesn’t end on a heavy note, it ends on a peculiar one. “Hummingbird” is reminiscent of music made decades ago.

Orthodox is anything but orthodox. It’s a bag of songs all dripping with raw emotion given in an honest sound.

Standout songs: Howl, Ghost Town, All Who Remain, and Morning Tea.

Release Date: May 7, 2013


  1. Howl
  2. Sweet Girl
  3. Ghost Town
  4. Amen Amen
  5. All Who Remain
  6. Heart Attack
  7. Morning Tea
  8. End Of The World
  9. Life On Earth?
  10. My Planet Is Dead
  11. Salvation Is Here
  12. Hummingbird

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