4 Reasons To Listen To Demon Hunter

Why you should be listening to Demon Hunter in a few simple paragraphs:

  1. The Music: In a world of oversaturated metal where so much just falls along the mass of down-tuned muddy and sludgy guitars, Demon Hunter reminds people what metal is about. Since gaining Patrick Judge on guitar back in 2009, the band has refined their technical sound. Many songs, ballads and big hitters feature intricate and inspiring solos that hit in your chest. Most importantly, the songs are unrelentingly heavy without sounding like a band who’s just trying to sound heavy.
  2. The Words: Demon Hunter is a Christian-metal band. That’s no secret, nor was it ever. However without alienating their audience, vocalist and founder Ryan Clark is able to inspire all listeners in similar ways Tim Lambesis did with As I Lay Dying. Many songs are about conquering fear of all kinds – even dying. Others are about overcoming the affliction of toxic people, and events in life that drag people down. The most evident theme in their songs is unwavering belief in yourself and never compromising what you hold true.
  3. The Voice: Ryan Clark has without a doubt one of the most recognizable vocals in metal both screaming and clean vocals. And I know what you’re thinking… “Clean vocals?? Count me out.” Before I lose you, listen to a few songs. Demon Hunter doesn’t fall into the same horrible formula that too many metalcore bands serve. The clean vocals are of a screamer singing with force. It isn’t an annoying, high pitch teenager singing about their day at high school.
  4. The Beard: ryan-photoSo stop what you’re doing, get on Youtube, Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, whatever you fancy and look this band up.

Check Out “Death” Music Video By Demon Hunter

One response

  1. But the Beard is gone now…Sad


    January 14, 2016 at 4:01 am

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