Rating Explanation

Here at RNRR, we review albums out of a 10 point scale. We rate albums harsher than many other websites because an ordinary album shouldn’t be rated higher than a 6 or 7.

Here is the explanation:

10: This rating is reserved for truly the best album. Months may pass before an album earns this ranking. This symbolizes a perfect album. No filler songs, brilliant in every way.

8: This rating is reserved for good to great albums. Maybe is was fantastic, but not quite earning a 10. Maybe it was decent in some aspects, but was impressive in enough ways to earn a 8. This is a great album with little more to be desired.

6: This rating is reserved for most albums released because most music released is ordinary and doesn’t stick out. It’s not us being elitists or condescending. It’s just the truth of the matter. It’s what makes the great albums so great, the fact that not every album is good. An album that earns this rating has positive points that are memorable but has too many flaws to be called an 8. There’s nothing wrong with this rating, it’s a decent score.

4: This rating is reserved for sub-par albums that aren’t terrible, but aren’t good either. We don’t hate it, it’s just not a good release. Perhaps it’s the lyrics that are in ten thousand other songs, or the same chord progression that we’ve heard in every pop rock song, regardless, it’s an unimportant release.

2 and less: Okay. This is a bad release. It has nearly no pros and has many cons. Production, song writing, lyrics, musicianship, whatever – it’s bad.

So there you have it.

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